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Tickets on sale!!!

You can still get the PreSale Tickets for the FLOW Experience 2020! The cheapest way to get to the biggest Austrian Psytrance Festival!


Accomodation on camp site

For those who do not have their own tent or who want to save on building and dismantling, this year for the first time there is a small tipi village of Festitribe! ⛺️ ➡️ Simply book the desired tent in advance, arrive relaxed and check in! Everything else is taken[...]


öKlo ist back on FLOW Festival 2019

For the sake of the environment and for the benefit of all visitors, this year we again use the mobile composting toilets from Öklo! oeklo.at/ Öklo saves water, stops wasting nutrients and does not require any chemicals. Sawdust ensures that moisture is bound and everything remains odorless. To keep your[...]